That’s one of my least favorite roles that women fill on TV shows — the killjoy who tells the goofy fun guy to knock it off. We consciously tried to avoid that dynamic — we had them like each other, treat each other like peers, seek advice from each other, and (maybe most importantly) we made them both screw up a lot, albeit in different ways. Melissa and Andy make it easy, though, by playing their scenes not like “fun-time Charlie and his mean schoolmarm watchdog” but like two real humans who tease each other. - Michael Schur on Amy’s relationship with Jake

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Are you apologizing to me or were you talking to you quiver?

I didn’t snap at my quiver.

You kind of more than snapped.

I know. And I’m sorry.


The Arrow Cast Entertainment Radio Interview (x)


'So tell us a definitive answer, is it gonna be Oliver and Felicity? Or is it gonna be Barry and Felicity?' (x)


What’s the opposite of two?
A lonely me, a lonely you.

Richard Wilbur, Some Opposites.

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4-blue-skies requested: times where diggle smiles at olicity while they’re talking. (or times where diggle is amused by what felicity says and also amused by oliver’s reactions to her.)

Just roll with it. Trust me. Everything will be put right by the end of the season no matter how badly the ship is shaken up.
— Charlie Schneider (aka Emergency Awesome) on the coming triangle involving Oliver and Felicity on Arrow. [x] (via emiliesclarke)

Oliver Queen in “The Promise”

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