"There are parts of the world where death is an illusion. I’ve been to one. I learned to be very convincing. But I returned, you needed my help."
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targaraens gave me an invite on Ello so I guess I have an account now

Literally only joined because I could get lizzybennet as account name whatevs

If we’re friends just @ me on there and I can follow you Y/Y

jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

oh, what fun to kill someone and end up in jail.



Felicity Smoak in New 52

OMG! I squealed.  Literally.  High pitched squealing.  I want  my copy now!!!!!

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Les Get French, Fench Alps | by annapurnauna



2x03 / 2x09 parallel - Team Arrow asking for refunds.

(requested by moiradearden)

" I think you feel very lonely if you’re not loved. If you can’t find that love somewhere, you’re going to have a pretty meaningless life.”

(Keira Knightley)

Hi, would you mind tagging any of your Arrow S3 stuff with a tag I can blacklist? Like arrow s3 or arrow spoilers? I'd appreciate it a lot, thank you.

Sure, no problems, I’ll tag it with #Arrow s3. :)

Not the time (to speak of love) | AO3 & FF.net

Oliver screwed up, again, and it’s impacting the public image of the infamous politics dynasty. Tired of his only son’s regular antics, Senator Robert Queen decides that drastic measures must be taken. And what better way to salvage Oliver’s future career as an esteemed politician than getting him settled?

Or, the political marriage AU.

CHAPTER TWO: You appear to face a decision | AO3 & FF.net

“I still don’t have to vote Republican, right?”

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